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Finger Food Catering Service in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Penang & Selangor

As the name suggest, finger food is a trait eating with only bare hands; spoon, forks, knives of even chopsticks are being excluded. It is being widely observed in countries around in Asia where eating with bare hands strongly associate with energetic cleansing and some labelled it ‘carefree eating’. Since eating with bare hands looks like a messy and sometimes being associated for being not etiquette wise that’s why we have made it more special and less messy as the others think of it.

UNIQ Catering Malaysia has strategically proposed this kind of catering service to be offered to the public since Malaysia and other Asian countries were highly known to be associated to the norm of eating with bare hands. Asian community strongly adheres to the idea that eating with bare hands makes them want the food more and the meals gets tastier than ever.

As of recently, many party event planner has been open to the idea in having a finger food catering service being used for an event. Birthdaysoffice and seminar events have been recently topping off the game. Since finger food catering is very flexible and easy to setup with, many has already demand quite the service of it. Foods that were listed to be served in finger food catering are the likes of rolled sausages, foods on sticks like hotdogs or cheese on sticks, spring rolls and chicken wings. Some also offers short wedges of potatoes, pizzas, sandwiches and risotto balls and even more, anything that could possibly be prepared to be eaten in small amounts but without compromising the wants of the clients.

Finger food catering service are prepared and served in long tables with different food selection and types placed in trays this is to conveniently served the guest. The easier they see the food selection the easier they can choose and grab all they want. Since finger food catering are served in small bites, some ideas are to have them all in a plate but just put in the right amount of food you can eat. Always remember the golden rule in dining: don’t take what you can’t eat.

It is always feel good whenever you have eaten well most especially if you have taken the chance to choose the food types you want. Stop the dilemma that all food caterers only offer the usual meal types on their menus. Come and plan with us and you’ll definitely have to personally check out other unique catering services we can offer to make your event truly different from the others.

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