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Japanese Food Catering in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Penang & Selangor

Sushi, miso soup, sukiyaki, soba, udon, sashimi, ramen, and tonkatsu the list goes on as the best Asian dishes ever and all of these originated in Japan. Here at UNIQ Catering Malaysia, we try our best to replicate these dishes and serve them to you in Malaysia. Japanese cuisine gives us a variety of dishes and specialties categorized accordingly to their main ingredient.

First, there are rice dishes. Rice is a staple food in Asian countries and Japan doesn’t beg to differ. They are famous for their sushi which is cooked rice topped with fresh, raw fish flavored with seasoned rice vinegar. Donburis are rice toppings and the most popular one is called Gyudon or stewed beef. We also make sure that you can try their Onigiri which is a rice ball wrapped in nori or dried seaweed which is a popular snack available in convenience stores to being served in Japan’s restaurants. There are also a lot of seafood dishes since Japan is an archipelago where fishing holds up its economy. Seafood can be served raw, dried, boiled, drilled, deep fried, or even steamed. A famous dish is Sashimi which is raw fish enjoyed with soy sauce and wasabi. Noodle dishes are also the go-to meals in Japan. Famous noodle dishes are soba, udon, and ramen. If you like dishes that are served hot on your plate, then you will love our Nabe dishes. Nabe stands for hot pots that are prepared in front of you. Typical ingredients are vegetables, mushrooms, and seafood or meat. Go try some Oden, Sukiyaki, or a Shabu Shabu and be your own chef. A typical Japanese meal is often served with rice, miso soup, fish or meat, and some vegetables. Miso soup is an example of a soybean dish that is pretty common in Japan which is made by dissolving miso paste in fish stock and adding some tofu and seaweeds inside.

In case you are feeling to try some authentic Japanese dish, come and visit us and we can offer a catering service that serves authentic Japanese cuisine that will truly serve your taste buds all the goodness that Japan is known for.

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