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Outdoor Catering Service in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Klang Valley & Selangor

Scenic views in outdoor events help a lot in setting up the mood for your event that is why many party planners and event stylist wants an outdoor location. Not just because you can freely design the area, a wide space enough to accommodate many guests as possible and fresh ventilation that surrounds. Location is in the top list to consider in setting up in an event but it correlates other things to consider like distance of travel, area for food preparation, accessibility to basic equipment and a lot more. That’s why sometimes outdoor locations are stressful but with UNIQ Catering we narrow it down to the basic and the most hassle-free event for our customers.

With us, you’ll likely experience the best catering services for your outdoor events. We listed down the main reason why you need to start to plan and work with us for your party.

Service Accessibility

Catering Malaysia provides mobile services when it comes to outdoor catering. We have on standby mobiles to travel from the location of the event to the main office if there is a need of food additional or lacking equipment for the event. This mobile service is an added feature to fully render quality service to our client.

Well-Detailed Celebration

As much as possible, we make sure to keep stress level at minimum that is why we conduct a very detailed plan and closely works with the client if needed to fully polish all the necessities for the day of the event. From the decorations, table and chairs, number of guests, food selection and even conduct ocular inspection in the main site. We believe that every process matters even in the tiniest little detail is being accounted for.

Best Service and Management Crew Team

We deploy the best service crew team to handle all the food servings during the event; they are trust-worthy, knowledgeable in food names and preparations, highly-trained to work rigorously and can handle pressure during work. Assisted by our management team; they overlook the party and all other things that may affect the entirety of the event. Headed by our very own Operations Manager that supervise all the men at work and making sure things are going well and will report a wrap up to the client.

Sensitive Food Handling

Being located in an outdoor area somehow compromise food handling services especially when food is already exposed they got a high chance in getting cold being served to the guests. But with us, we make sure that all dishes that were served are kept being warm the entire time and also fresh and enticing when served. Foods that need constant heating like main dishes and soups are placed in heaters and foods that need to be served cold like salads, sweets and other side dishes are being kept in a constant cold temperature to maintain its freshness and consistency.

Stepping off the student feels and throwing that graduation hat marks and calls for big celebration. Treat yourself to an indulging graduation party and enjoy all foods and drinks as we expertly handle all the catering service you are worth. We include all personal requests from the graduates for a more personal and customized service. Check out the full details with our Graduation Catering Services.

Get Personal

Choosing outdoor location is a bold move for every party planners and even mere clients too, but the feeling of having a liberty in choosing any design details, food concepts and selections are limitless. In Catering Malaysia, we let our clients in foods choices even we have an arranged menus for outdoor catering we let the client choose freely and get things personalized. They can choose from a wide selection of unique food choices and even mixed and match different cuisines for more unique and fresh food selection.

Outdoor catering is a stressful job but we can find ways to ease it out, party, and just enjoy every moment of it. You don’t have to furrow your brows all the time; UNIQ Catering Malaysia is here to help you out. Call our lines now and plan with us your best outdoor event now!

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