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Christmas Catering Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur (KL), Penang & Johor

Christmas is known to be the only holiday being celebrated with all types of people everywhere even in the smallest part of the world. People look forward to this celebration because it marks somehow a celebration of being together even if you’re not in the same race, belief and nationality. Christmas symbolizes oneness of the many and Malaysian has its very unique way of celebrating Christmas. Malays, Chinese and other Asian living within the city has a tradition being followed. Commoners gone to mall for a shopping frenzy while enjoying the mood the season has sets in, Christmas lights being installed and lots of pine trees being spread widely in towns. There are also parades everywhere and music keeps the city happy even at night but there’s one that stands out- it’s the parties and the delectable foods being displayed in every households and gathering.

Many parties has been planned for every Christmas season, many house parties being held but with all these crams and fuss about Christmas; the preparation for such parties are very stressful, tiring and takes so much of your time. With a lot of things going on, you might miss out one or two on your list and maybe affect the entire party you had planned out. This is why UNIQ Catering Malaysia exists to sort out things you will likely need. From the long list of food menu, drinks of choice, decorations, venue and others that takes matters we will handle that all for you.

Our very effective event managing team will professionally prepare a very good food menu that will go along with the party you have in mind. Christmas doesn’t have to be plain and usual, you can have different theme to work with and we will handle the rest. If you decided to throw the party at your home garden, UNIQ Catering will work out the decorations and the setup of the area. As far the company is concern, we would like to cater and serve all the necessities the party should have. About food choices they vary from different cuisines and uniqueness you want and furthermore, you can even personally request certain meal you have in mind and our expert chefs will personally prepare it for you. Moreover, you can check out our unique catering services so you’ll have an idea on what to add in your party. Party like these are accompanied with a good choice of drinks, you can check out our bar catering services and add some twist on your party. Our catering services team will assign sufficient number of service crew and attendees to manage your party as we aim to serve you a quality service and provide a world-class party event you’ll remember.

Celebrating Christmas is all about the goodness happened for the entire year and celebrating it should feel as good as you have experienced. With UNIQ Catering, you’ll be satisfied and enjoy your party without stressing too much on what will happen. With us, everything are handled, taken care of and we assure you that the night will end with no hassle just pure celebration and happy times.

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