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We cater from breakfast to dinner, seminars, full moon catering and many more!

Food industry has always been a striving and thriving industry at the same time. But since food always tingles our curiosity many were driven to get into the same business. Food just like any other are constantly innovating from the authentic and traditional procedures, to a new exciting blend and mix that were invented. Artisanals and all new kind of breeds in food preparation makes every consumer dives into it. As a member in the industry, Catering Malaysia is always driven to create, invent, and modify its craft in food preparation. We always make it to the point that we catch up and even stay on top of the latest trends in food catering business. That’s why we are known to be one of the finest. Now, we give you a sneak peek of what we can do for you and for your future events.

Mini Catering

Don’t stress out hosting that party because even with a tight budget you’ll get a catering service that will suits your event. No quality service being compromised and you still can enjoy having those delicious meals at your plate and still entertain your guest. Get your moneys’ worth and don’t fret on overspending, you can still enjoy and have fun within your budgeted money. Follow link to learn more about our Mini Catering Services.

Daily Catering

Save your pocket on overspending on those fancy restaurants when you can dine in and have wide food choices just around your office corner. Open daily to keep the craving stomach of the Malaysian community fed and feel contented. Serves only the best dishes and you can even enjoy different cuisines in just one sitting. Get the full information on how to avail our Daily Catering Services.

Breakfast Catering

No more missed breakfast when you can dine with ease with us. We offer all kinds and typical breakfast meals for all early-birds and morning person and even widen the choice for all heavy and busy workers in the community. Enjoy our Breakfast Catering Services and plan yours in advance.

Lunch Catering

Enjoy even more dining with friends with our lunch catering service as we offer delectable and delicious food menu that will suits best eaten during lunch time. We offer wide variety of soup from different cuisine and even get better with our wide array of unique food preparation. Your Lunch Catering Services is on us, get details here.

Dinner Catering

Dinner has never been this extraordinary whenever you dine with us. Invite your friends over an intimate gathering and have us prepared heavenly dishes of different kinds of meal. Prepare your stomach as we fill every craving and desire you have always dreamed of. Enjoy every slice of freshly smoked salmon or oven-baked spareribs paired with tasty and sparkling white wine to spice up your taste buds. Have the sweetest and exclusive Dinner Catering Services now.

Off Premise Catering

Stop stressing out that far location venue and start enjoying the wonderful view of the place. Let us handle the preparation as we have expertise on off-premise catering and food handling even in a different environment. You will still taste and have the same feeling when you eat our professionally handled meals. Trust our years of work experience that we will give you only the good things you deserve. Check out the full details with our Off Premise Catering Services.

Mobile Catering

We move and go to places just to give you the best quality service of the leading catering company in Malaysia. We travel for miles and even go mobile whenever needed just to acquaint you that we serve with heart and we value our customers that much that we can go to places and goes beyond boundaries. Get the chance to enjoy a cosy Mobile Catering Services in a cheap price, see link.

Full Moon catering

Have this very certain day remembered and cherished for all of your family members and especially to the important people who’s the reason behind the celebration; mother and baby. Let this day worth remembering and let us make that possible, enjoy our prepared meals for the rest of the family and enjoy even the bite size foods we prepared for the little ones. Lovely and solitary Full Moon Catering Services are yours to achieve, click name for more info.

Event catering

No more boring event gathering even more no usual food displays when you plan and let us handle your party. From food choices to drinks servings and even to professional services, we had it all for you. All you need is to enjoy each moment and have us supervise all things that matter. Whatever event may that be, our Event Catering Services should handle yours.

Seminar Catering

Big seminar coming up in the office? Worry no more as Catering Malaysia perfected handling such big event. Concentrate and focus on the seminar proper as we keep your stomach fed and cravings satisfied with our wide array of delicious food displays. Even enjoy more as we prepare bite size servings so you can munch in without causing mess during the discussion. Professional and systematic, that’s what our Seminar Catering Services. will offer you, book a consultation now.

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