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Delicious meals at an affordable cost

To spice up your events, our catering menus offer a wide list of exotic meals to comfort foods that will impress your guests and diners. These 10 styles of dish preparation are perfect for any gathering, event, party, or celebration that will make you ask for more. From exotic Asian delicacies to a mouthful of Western meals try and avail our services. So in whatever mood you are in, what cravings you are after, and whatever parties you have to plan come and visit us at Catering Malaysia and we will give you a culinary experience that you will surely remember.

Chinese Catering

China has the earliest dynasties recorded. This means that their food has been written down in history. How it was made, what influenced what and how they influenced the neighboring cultures when it comes to preparing their meals has been jotted down. This is why most of the modern food we partake has a Chinese influence than we can trace back to. Here in Catering Malaysia we make sure that we serve the best authentic Chinese cuisine our customers can wish for. Contact us for any of your party catering needs.

Halal Catering

Since most of our customers are Muslims, Catering Malaysia also offer a specialized menu that offers Halal food. This means that they are prepared appropriately for human consumption according to the ways of Allah. We are Halal certified. We make sure that there are no prohibited ingredients were used in preparing your meals. Our chefs have been mixing different delicacies that would meet Halal standards.

Indian Catering

If you are up for a colorful dining experience, try our Indian cuisine that has been inspired by the vibrant history of India. Indian cuisine has been scientifically proven to be delicious since they use flavors that overlap each other. Each spice used in Indian cuisine serves a specific role to the meal it creates. From the sweetness to the bitterness and the zing of each recipe, this combination leaves a flavor fingerprint we remember with a good Indian meal.

Italian Catering

Not only is Italy a preferred travel destination, it’s cuisine is also a must try. They’re famous for their pizza and pasta, they are also well loved for their simple but healthy ingredients. With innovation dating back to the renaissance period, that is why Italian food is clamored all over the world. Add a wine with that meal as you dine with us, and it would truly feel like you are in Italy.

Japanese Catering

If you want authentic Japanese food, you will not be disappointed with Catering Malaysia. Fresh sushi and sashimi are our specialty. You can also try some ramen, udons, katsudons and a bento box if you wish to. Not only are Japanese meals prepared with the best fresh ingredients out there, it also arranged with aesthetics in mind. Japanese dishes are beautifully made that you would think twice if you want to touch your food.

Malay Catering

If you wish to try either traditional or modern Malay cuisines, then you came at the right place. Whatever occasion, if you wish to eat some good Malaysian meals, we offer a lot of variety dishes that is mouth-wateringly good. Have some of our special nasi lemak, sambal belacan, beef rending, serunding and some satay. Malaysian dishes have a voluptuous myriad of mixed cultures and races that can be savored on the food that we prepare.

Mexican Catering

Do you like corn? Do you like taco? Well, then you are in for a treat, we offer the best Mexican meals If any one is planning to have some Mexican food. Corn is a staple ingredient in most Mexican meal just like how rice is to us Asians. We can prepare tamales, corn on the cob and the most common corn food which is tortilla that is made from corn flour. But, it doesn’t just stop there, Mexican cuisine is very varied due to the diverse culture it has. Try and order with us so that you can taste the history of Mexico.

Thai Catering

Thailand is a culinary paradise. If you are a foodie, It’s exotic foods would make you want to try next more. Thai food is designed to entice every part of your tongue and it would feel like a firework blasting flavors inside your mouth. Your meal is filled with something sweet, salty, sour and spicy hot in one sitting. Enjoy the wonders of Thai cuisine with your family and friends and order now.

Vegetarian Catering

We know how hard it is to find a good catering service that offers a legit vegetarian catering service, that is why with Catering Malaysia, we only serve the best and freshest vegetarian meals out there. If you are into the diet to become healthy, or you just care too much for animals, do not fret, we make sure that our customers only get the best out of this menu. Our salads, soups, main course and desserts will make you taste the greatest vegetables-only meals that you can ever have.

Western Catering

Western Cuisine is so generalized; it is used to describe numerous countries from Europe to America. This means that the meal choice is so huge, there’s a lot to choose from. You can have a variety of their appetizers like skewers and hummus and fritters. For your main course, you can choose from Pork Loins to Briskets and even pot pies. We even prepare club house sandwiches and burgers. The choice is yours.

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