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Home Catering Service in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Penang & Selangor

For a budget-wise celebration may it be birthdays, anniversaries, graduation parties or reunions many chooses to have a catering services done at home. Not just it saves a lot in the venue costing, it would totally let the celebrants or the planners to fully maximize their budget on foods and party designs or even games during the event. Home catering is very flexible type of catering. You only need enough servers to assist you with the food services and a head of operation manager to overlook things for you. They can work with low-supervision and you can fully celebrate and spend time with your family rather than attending the food handling process.

In Catering Malaysia, we are fond of hosting home catering services not just it let us solely gets close to our clients but it also open doors for our clients in being vulnerable. Events held at home are somehow special and very intimate unlike compared to functions halls and hotels. That is why we give high value for all clients who would want to plan their events at the comfort of their home.

The company lives and breathe the ultimate goal: to serve our clients with a heart. Inline with that, Catering Malaysia makes sure that services are excellent and the event will turn out to be a success and a special one. With that being mentioned, we consider major things before planning out a home catering services. This list will guide you to have a perfect, budget-wise home catering experience.

  • Plan the date of the event including the exact starting time and end time. May it be breakfast; lunch or dinner this will help you determine the choice of food to be served.
  • Define the motif and design concept of the event.
  • State the reason of the celebration: birthday, anniversaries, graduation, reunions, Christmas gathering , Chinese New Year,
  • Be specific in food choices; consider choosing from different cuisines as much possible for a wider varieties and selection
  • Complimentary drinks, booze, wines and spirits must be specific
  • Manage the guest specification- adults, teenagers, kids, toddlers this will affect your food selection too
  • Number of servers you want to assist you on the day of the event
  • Lastly, specify the number of guests you are going to accommodate

Catering Malaysia believes that a well-planned out party is surely a successful one. If you already have a well-detailed party plan ready, don’t hesitate to visit us on our office located in or call us on our line +6019-5547366 for further details. Ready to taste dishes just like at home!

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