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Serve the best dishes and enthrall your guests’ palettes with unique food choices from UNIQ Catering Malaysia – a top provider of excellent buffer catering services in Malaysia!
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  • Diverse food choices & uniquely-crafted menus
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  • Talented chefs & culinary talents
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Buffet Catering Service in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Penang & Selangor

Hosting a big party event requires so much effort and very time-consuming task most especially in dealing with food preparations. The host is accountable to feed a hundreds of attendees while making sure that all foods are palatable and Halal-certified meals to ensure all races can eat. The simplest and the traditional way to ensure the event will have a great food selection is to have a buffet catering services. This way guest can personally choose what type of food they want, the servings varies to their appetite and the load of each meal is also according to them.

UNIQ Catering just offers the best buffet catering services in town. From a very distinct and unique taste of our meals, different offered cuisines and wide selection of wines and drinks to choose from. Planning your party with us just ensures you stress-free during the event. Here are the advantages of working and planning with Catering Malaysia.

Professional Touch

Every move and step of the plans were delicately and well-attended by our professional service team. Starting from the food preparations that were done by our renowned chefs to food handling by our servers and lastly, to our well-mannered buffet waiters that were on standby to assist the guest during the dining.

Tasty Dishes

Foods that were served during buffet catering are prepared for large number that’s why they are cook in mass. Sometimes, cooking by mass may results to being salty, bitter or even less tasty. But with us, all dishes are assured to be heavenly and sumptuous even to the high standards and delicate palate guests. All dishes are handled properly and our very sensitive chefs are focused in making each meal delicious and enticing when served to the guests.


Planning a big party or event always boils down to money and the expenses during and before the event takes place. That’s why Catering Malaysia offers a very budget-friendly buffet catering service. Professional services, high standard food quality and other extra services all for a very affordable price.

Working with expert food caterers like Catering Malaysia ensures you and your event to be a great experience for every guest attendee. A memory your friends and guests will talk over some time in dinner or with coffee. Every event should be successful, beautiful and memorable but it doesn’t always have to be stressful and expensive. You can have the party you always dreamed of in a price that’s worthy. Plan with us, come and visit our office to closely work with our representatives and have the best buffet experience.

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