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Wedding Catering Service in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Klang Valley & Selangor

A wedding is a ceremony where two people are united in marriage. In Malaysia, weddings are generally festive, grand and celebratory affairs with many guests. Ceremonies may be held over several days in traditional Malay weddings. It is true that marriage is a major event!   Due reverence and respect for the wedding rites and the state of matrimony is a major factor, followed closely by fantastic attention to detail in creating a celebration where lavish goes large! Not only Malaysian weddings but also other kinds of weddings whether Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Islam or Chinese weddings were celebrated as big as possible. Wedding is highly recognized as a big celebration in a person’s life. It is anticipated to big, extravagant and beautiful from the dresses, venue and to the food preparation.

The wedding and the exchange of vows are the main event but reception or the after-party is the most delicate and sensitive part of the celebration. Events like weddings were attended with hundreds or even thousands of guests this is why Catering Malaysia is here to work and plan your special day.

Why hire and work with the team of Catering Malaysia? Here’s the reason why:


Our company offers quality assured services for a very affordable price. We offer from a wide array of food preparation, choices and types for your budget-friendly wedding celebration. We closely work and plan with the event planner to make sure the exact number of guest attendee to avoid such situation where excessive amount of foods being served and just wasted at the end of the day or either way. We plan to make everything fits on the budget without compromising the likes and the ideas of the couple.

Professional Service Crew

We employ and deploy only the best service crew team to work and serve for such a special event. These men were highly trained to work at their finest, dressed and were prim and proper during the event. They are specifically chosen for events like wedding receptions, they are good with their feet and balance. They can work rigorously all day and they are highly knowledgeable with all the foods being served. You can actually directly ask them for any information you want to know about the food. These men were crafted to do such delicate work like food handling and food servicing.

World Class Chef

To serve you the best wedding celebration, our food is prepared, handled and manned with world class chefs. They are the best on this craft and they produced the tastiest and the heavenly dishes Catering Malaysia has been serving to many consumers now. These men and women are imaginative and innovative in terms with their cooking skills and you’ll be surprised that a simple dish you have known will have a great twist of taste. Working along together our best bakers, you’ll get to taste the sweetest and loveliest wedding cake in your life.

Wide Food Selection

The thing Catering Malaysia is proud of is the food quality we served from our wide array of different cuisines around the globe. For special event like these, we offer a special treat to the wedded couple to choose and mix and match all kinds of cuisines they want to be served. This can give them the liberty to choose different kind of foods that depends on the race and the origins of their guests. It’s a freedom so every guest that is invited can eat all the foods being prepared. As an addition, all our foods are Halal-certified and guaranteed so it is advisable for every Malaysian brothers we have to consume.

Weddings are beautiful and a very important day to the family and friends of the couple. The preparation for this special day is such a tiring and stressful one but you have a choice to go through it all or not. Call our lines and Catering Malaysia will be very happy to plan this very special day with you. Wedding day should be enjoyed and cherished, let us make it a memorable one.

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