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Chinese New Year Catering in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Penang & Johor

Traditions vary for different race and origin thus Chinese celebrates New Year in a different manner, with a different date, and time compared to Christians. As Christians follow the Gregorian calendar, the Chinese follow the Chinese calendar which sets to differ the date of the New Year celebration but nevertheless, the essence of celebrating is just the same. Thus, every celebration signifies a New Year of hope and adventures and more of life, and every time this time of the year comes festivities were casually seen widespread over the country. Parties and gatherings were being planned out and more so the evident abundant display of food.

Food during this kind of event symbolizes many things some stand out as significant to be prepared and displayed during the event. Many families and party hosts somehow weren’t as much as knowledgeable especially if none Chinese- this is why many called for expert caterers to prepare it for them. This is just what Catering Malaysia works for, as an original race and born Malaysian company we are fully knowledgeable about all the traditions and customs of all Chinese races. Our team is fully equipped with enough information and accustomed to such occasions. Our team of chef experts knows what certain menus and dishes need to be prepared during the Chinese New Year celebration. With us, you’ll expect to have thrown a very traditional sensitive party that will truly respect the belief of all Chinese guests and visitors.

Catering Malaysia prepares all kinds of dishes that were believed to be significant to all Chinese during this event like fish dishes like the well-known steamed weever, steamed fish in a vinegar sauce, and boiled fish with spicy broth. Other meals include Chinese dumplings, spring rolls, Niangao or Glutinous Rice cake, and Tangyuan or Sweet Rice Balls that were usually served during Lantern Festival and were also prepared and ready on food displays. These are just some of the usual food being served during the celebration and the rest of the menus are basically from Chinese cuisines and were just added with other types of dishes with respect to non-Chinese visitors too.

Hosting parties like this kind should always be race-sensitive, especially in choosing the right meals and dishes to be served. The host should be fair and should take consideration of his entire guest. That is why acknowledging the set of visitors is the key part of planning parties like this one. Hosts should be fully informed and knowledgeable about the races and origins of their guests so that they will have an idea of choosing the right menu that fits. With the help of Catering Malaysia, we can overlook things mentioned and help the hosts to throw the best Chinese New Year celebration. Our experts in the event managing team will supervise all the important things needed and will check one by one to ensure that everything were being taken care of and to ensure that things will run smoothly.

Whenever feel distressed and crammed with the upcoming events for the year, don’t hesitate to call our lines and we will be so happy to help out to make that party come to life. Catering Malaysia is your one-stop catering service at such an affordable price with top-class service.

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